Winter view of family home on parcel G.

Winter view of family home on parcel G.

The land and development

The date of homesteading for this property is not known. It was farmed for decades by the Millar family, with the large treed patch known by residents in the region as “Millar’s bluff”. Oral history recounts that farmers in the area for miles around would come to collect firewood here. The two 40 ac. parcels were acquired at some point by a Mr. & Mrs. C Kuzik who farmed here till the late 1970s. In 1980 one parcel was bought by Dr. Stewart Van Vliet and the other by Dr. G. Pylypchuk. Stewart had a home built in 1982, and a pole barn was built on what is now  parcel C,  for riding horses and a few beef cattle. In 1991, Stewart bought Pylypchuk’s 40 ac. parcel. The property is in the estate of Pauline Van Vliet. The early Millar farmhouse and outbuildings were located in parcel E, often referred to as ‘the settlement’. This sheltered area served as an apiary till 2005. The structures, being abandoned and derelict for decades, were removed in 2010. The site has been cleaned up, leveled and seeded to grass.

With demand for rural properties near Saskatoon, it was decided to subdivide and develop the property. This has been a long process, as much work was necessary to remove fences, construct a road and approaches, install the services etc. The property is being developed privately by David van Vliet, a professor of city and environmental planning at the University of Manitoba and practicing urban planner. David has strong ties with this property having helped construct the family home, attending to the garden, tree planting, and various construction and renovation projects over the years. His children have many fond memories of playing and later working at 'the farm'. All have helped plant trees and tend the garden. All have enjoyed the hundreds of Saskatoon berry pies made from berries picked in the 'good crop years'.

This website will answer many of your questions about the land and the development. You are invited to contact us for further information.  The subdivision has received approval from Sask. Community Planning and parcels are now available for sale.